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Month: November, 2016



A week that has left me very restless…



badlands ?


Badlands ? I’m not so sure, nor whether my photograph in the Guardian last month accurately illustrates this fictional work (Nell Zink’s “Nicotine”), but the image has its own small story. The 1970 photograph of the Harvest Farm, near Princeton, freezes a moment in my own history and encapsulates a brief period of optimism I felt here sheltering from the storm. Back from a West Coast odyssey I had returned to some wonderful friends and it seemed they would all be around forever. I had bought a ’54 Chevy pick-up and a ’59 Porsche for virtually nothing, I cocooned myself in a WW2 leather jacket from Englishtown flea market and I had a great part-time job in the Last Chance Saloon and Record Shop. But optimism was short lived as the horror continued in Vietnam, I received my 1A draft classification and the record shop closed down. To borrow from a song of the time, the music seemed over. The following year Johnson & Johnson demolished this small oasis to make way for a disposable diaper factory. What an ignominious conclusion.