How do we ever really know what we mean …

by johnwasneyheseltine

JHParis_sHow do we ever really, really  know what we mean and what exactly is our inner instinct ? Most people generally seem to think they know best, but I am rarely wholly sure. Words pour out, but from exactly where ? Do they match what we really feel, do we all know our depths so certainly ? So our actions, our best intentions are rarely perfectly defined. It seems to me that our ‘true’ wishes can nuance with the time of day or night as well as a myriad of variables that follow our every step. Life is surely a big long experiment in learning-by-doing, albeit with quite a bit of acquired knowledge that is generally taken as read. But learning by doing isn’t always successful, mistakes are frowned upon; you feel you are getting something so very right, only to find it was wrong, it vanishes and you have to begin all over again. So, in answer to the very first question posed at the outset is, I suppose, the evidence will only ever  be revealed over time. How long though ?