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Month: October, 2012

Italian Hours

In “Italian Hours”, I have combined my photography with an interest in Henry James which developed while I was studying for a postgraduate degree in London in the late 1970s. I have compared my own repeated visits to Venice with those of the great American writer, particularly investigating his visually descriptive prose in the light of the earliest developments in photography.

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I am really pleased that the Royal West of England Academy has included one of my images, “Born and Bound” in their forthcoming 160th Autumn Exhibition. This features a collaborative piece of work with Angela Findlay and is particularly gratifying as it is the first of my recent salt prints to have a public viewing. For more information visit the RWA website,

One Last Thing

I have added a new section to the site called “One Last Thing” which contains recent images that follow various lines of enquiry into some into my own shifting circumstances, but also points to a sense of uncertainty has universal implications in a secular world where creativity and spirituality are becoming the handmaiden of materialism and mass culture. Religion is not the only avenue for those concerned with what lies beyond the here and now. So I am using photography for a bit of very subjective investigation and these photographs mark the beginning. Maybe this all seems a bit heavy for what are at the end of the day very selective but also very brief slices of time …



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