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Month: June, 2012

more website changes…

After a lot of thought and feedback from regular visitors I have made important changes to my website to make it easier to view the various strands of my work. The design remains unchanged but the functionality is quite different and hopefully much improved.

English Channel by moonlight 2012


Roads to Rome

Published by both the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and Frances Lincoln in London John Heseltine’s 2005 title uses the matrix of ancient Roman roads to explore the changing face of Italy.

In his Foreword, the eminent curator Colin Ford wrote, “Heseltine’s beautiful black and white shadows of the distant and recent past powerfully summon up the great Roman roads of Italy, the material with which they were built, and the mean and women who have used them – and continue to do so. In these pictures, ghosts really do come to life.”

More images from the series can be found on my website here


John Heseltine’s work to be exhibited at Arles 2012

I am very pleased to announce that my work has been selected for the Photography Open Salon Arles 2012 exhibition – ‘An Eye for an Ear’.

“Much of my current work investigates familiar but enclosed spaces and how they both project and reflect an extension of oneself. Some find equivalents in apparently mundane domestic situations and objects to hint at an unspoken narrative. These photographs represent a deeply personal point of view, but one that alludes to the fragility of each of us, as well as the transient nature of human endeavour, of places and things. Many of my images combine film, instant materials and digital techniques which correspond directly with the subject matter.”